Do you really need reasons for why spending your vacation in Germany while receiving credit points for university is a good idea?!? Here we go. Firstly, because you improve your German language skills. Secondly, cause you get to know German culture. Thirdly, to have fun!

Buffalonian students in the City Hall of Dortmund © City of Dortmund

What can you expect?

Since this program is still in its launching phase and there are not plenty of experiences to draw conclusions from, it is hard to tell you what you can expect from it. Due to the short period of this exchange program you might think that it won’t be possible to establish a life-long friendship with a German host family within two weeks. But you will never know unless you try You will definitely get to know German traditions and customs in a way you would not be able to in a class room. Although you won’t be proficient in the German language after two weeks, you will have another feeling for linguistics after being exposed to native speakers 24/7. You’ll gain cultural knowledge, language skills and friends, so you’re returning to the US with new perspectives and acceptance. Take your chance and join Lynn Engle on this adventure!