Who places the students in their host families?

All students have to submit a CV and a letter in which they introduce themselves to the International Institute, which forwards the material to Lynn Engle. Once you decide to host, you can read the introductions and decide for yourself whom you’d like to take in for the given period.

When can I contact my student after I have signed up to host?

Immediately! As soon as you pick your student we encourage you to reach out via email or your social media networks.      

My family usually travels during the time the student will be here: is s/he allowed to come along with the family?                       

Absolutely! Simply communicate your plans to the program coordinator.

I am still not sure if hosting is for me.

Have a look at the statements of experience on this website! They might help you decide. If you are still not sure, we can put you in touch with a past host family who will be more than willing to answer any question you may have.